83% of US herbalists use marijuana to relax and sleep better.

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New Frontier Data researchers surveyed over 5,500 US residents about their cannabis use in February 2023. It was discovered that 42% of those polled had previously used cannabis and were very likely to do so again, while 37% described themselves as "regular users."

37% of consumers increased their consumption in the last year, and more than a third use cannabis every other day. Furthermore, the study's authors point out that the frequency of use is unrelated to the legal status of cannabis in the state.

The line between medical and recreational use is becoming increasingly blurred. The majority of respondents said they use cannabis for a "specific purpose," with 83% saying it helps them relax, relieve anxiety, and sleep better.

Almost all respondents (94%) who use cannabis for medical purposes reported that their condition improved after using cannabis, and a sizable proportion of those who do not use cannabis are willing to start if they are diagnosed with a disease that can be treated with cannabis.

While nearly half of respondents (43%) purchase cannabis from dispensaries, many others purchase it from friends or family, 15% have it delivered, and 10% purchase it from a reseller. Only 2% of those polled grow cannabis at home.

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