Tor Browser and Proxies

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Tor Browser and a Proxy Server: similarities and differences

A proxy server is a server application that acts as an intermediary between a client requesting a resource and the server providing that resource. Proxy helps a client to remain anonymous (to some degree).

Tor browser acts similar to a proxy server, but there are differences. A proxy server is a single server, it knows its users (IP address, geolocation in some cases) and, if someone gains access to it, he can install monitoring software to track users of a proxy server.

Tor, in its turn, uses a layer of semi-randomized proxy servers. It picks a random path through these servers to get to destination server. So, this technology is more safe and reliable than simple proxy server.

Using a Proxy Server with Tor Browser

Tor can be used jointly with a proxy server. It’ll boost user’s anonymity and security by creating one more intermediate for traffic redirecting.

A proxy server must be set up from within Tor, or else Tor simply won’t work. Using the Tor web browser, you need to click Settings=>Tor=>Advanced. There you should click “I use a proxy to connect to the Internet”. Then choose (type in) a proxy type, address, port, username, password and allowed ports. Once you have that in, try to open a website. If your information was correct, Tor will now be configured to use your chosen proxy server in addition to using the Tor network.

A website speed issues

As you probably know, Tor browser is no the fastest one due to its anonymity and security tweaks. A proxy server doesn’t add a speed, on the contrary. Adding a proxy on top will further slow your traffic, but not by much. A good web proxy isn’t going to be that much slower, particularly when it’s from a private proxy provider. Adding it on to Tor is just adding a person between you and the circle. So, it’s important to choose dependable and fast proxy provider. For example, this piece contains an actual list of providers.

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