An unknown attacker published data of Activision employees on a cybercrime forum

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Almost 20 thousand unique records are now in the public domain.

Yesterday, a user on the Breached hacker forum reported that he had at his disposal a database of employees allegedly stolen from the American game publisher Activision in December 2022. The attacker emphasized the value of this data for phishing attacks.

The leak consists of 19,444 unique records containing the full names, phone numbers, titles, locations, and email addresses of alleged Activision employees. It is rather strange that the forum user did not sell this data. The dump in the form of a text file was provided absolutely free of charge to all registered members of Breached.

The forum post was first spotted by the threat intelligence platform FalconFeedsio, as it reported on its Twitter account. A week ago, Activision itself confirmed that there was a data breach in December. However, at the time, the video game maker assured that the incident did not compromise the source code of any games or the personal data of the players. What's more, Activision said that after a thorough internal investigation, it was determined that the perpetrators hadn't stolen confidential employee data.

At the same time, Western media such as Insider Gaming reported back on February 20 that the leaked data definitely contained confidential employee information. Be that as it may, now these data are published and available to everyone.

Astrologers have announced a week of phishing attacks on Activision employees. Probably, in the near future it is worth waiting for new leaks.