Greek police arrest German suspected of multiple cybercrimes

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Greek police have arrested a 35-year-old German citizen who is charged with four counts of fraud and cybercrime, police said Thursday. Three arrest warrants were issued by Germany, and another turned out to be international. It is known that the arrested person earned more than 1.4 million euros from fraud and cybercrime.

The police detained the criminal on Wednesday, at the airport of Thessaloniki. In the afternoon, he was taken into custody under a European arrest warrant and was arrested on Thursday without revealing his name.

After further investigation, the police found 1,000 photos and videos of child pornography on the suspect's mobile phone. The study also showed that the man led a gang of scammers who worked according to the pig butchering scheme. In addition, he posed as a police officer from a special unit that investigates the activities of pedophiles. To do this, he had a police uniform and a fake ID, which his mother showed to law enforcement officers.

After conducting searches of his house and car, the police found two license plates with numbers belonging to German state vehicles. Of these two license plates, one was fake, and with it were found fake pay stubs from the German government.

The report also mentions that the gang led by the scammer was not limited to Germany - the attackers were looking for victims all over the world.

Now the offender faces 10 years in prison for fraud of 1.4 million euros.