Grouping ShinyHunters will revive the closed Breached forum

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According to rumors, BreachForums will resume its activities at the end of June.

According to the latest rumors, BreachForums, closed in March, is about to resume its activities under the leadership of the well-known hacker group ShinyHunters.

This was reported by the resource VX-Underground, which specializes in the storage and distribution of malicious programs. The source of this information was not disclosed, but vx-underground told its over 200,000 subscribers that "BreachForums will resume operations at the end of this month."

ShinyHunters is a hacker group that specializes in stealing and selling user data from various websites and services. The group first gained attention in April 2020 and has since claimed responsibility for a number of high-profile data breaches, including Tokopedia, Wattpad, Pixlr, Bonobos, BigBasket, Mathway, Unacademy, MeetMindful, Microsoft's GitHub account, and more. .

The grouping attacks developers' websites and repositories in order to steal credentials or API keys for accessing the target companies' cloud services. Using API keys, cybercriminals gain access to corporate databases and steal information for further sale or free publication on hacker forums.

One of the members of the ShinyHunters group, a 21-year-old student from France, was arrested by the FBI in January 2021 and extradited to the United States, where he was charged with 14 cybercrime charges and up to 116 years in prison for participating in the data breach of more than 200 million users.

BreachForums (Breached) is a cybercrime forum that was active from 2022 to 2023. The site acted as an alternative and successor to RaidForums, which was shut down in 2022. Breached allowed people to discuss various hacking topics and distribute data leaks, pornography, hacking tools, and other services.

After the closure of Raidforums, users flocked to a new forum called Breached (BreachForums), but this too closed in March 2023 after the founder and owner of the Pompompurine forum was arrested by the FBI and another administrator became concerned that law enforcement had access to their servers, and disabled the forum itself.

Earlier in May, a forum called Exposed was launched to fill the void left by Breached's demise. Since there is almost no competition in this niche now, Exposed quickly became popular. One of the Exposed admins, nicknamed "Impotent", leaked the RaidForums member database, providing a wealth of information to other cybercriminals, researchers, and possibly law enforcement.