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Collected here are some of the .ONION links, broken down by category, with an indication of the site's availability and a short description. You can add your links to our directory, but they will appear in the list only if the domain is available.

Daniel's Onion link list
Official mirror of https://onion.torproject.org
General Tor Links is Relevant for 2021 And Detailed List of Verified Sites on the Dark Web.
Torwiki is a fresh and reliable list of dark web sites from search engines to chat rooms and forums.
Deep Web Türkçe İndex - Deep webde Türkçe sitelerin de içerisinde olduğu aktif liste. Siteler sürekli güncel tutulacaktır.
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Dark Eye - The DarkNet Monitor
DarkTor | Onion Links | Deep Web | Hidden Wiki 2020
Participative Hidden Wiki
Deepweb & darknet markets links - Raptor.life
Find the most trusted sellers on the DarkNet
Tor Links Find the most trusted sellers on the DarkNet