Jabber Registration


What is Jabber?

The structure of the XMPP network is very simple: there are XMPP servers, there are many of them all over the world, for example jabb.im. You choose a server for yourself, register on it in the same way as registering on any site. At the time of registration on the server, an account is created for you in the form of a login and password.

Most XMPP servers require only a username and password to register. No binding to a mobile device, mail or other personal data.A new account can be registered in a matter of seconds, and at least one hundred accounts can be used simultaneously on one device.

The XMPP server is bound to a domain name, and your XMPP account will look like this: unique_name @ domain_server_name, for example, [email protected] is similar to email, and many users get confused when trying to send an email to the addressee. In some cases, you may come across the abbreviation JID (Jabber ID), which is a synonym for an XMPP account.

By registering on one server, you can communicate with all XMPP users, regardless of which server they are registered on.

To communicate over the XMPP protocol, special client programs are used. There are many of them, and they are available on all popular mobile and desktop platforms.The most famous of them are Pidgin, Adium, Xabber, Psi+.

The difference between the Jabber network and other messengers is in decentralization, or the absence of a single center. You yourself can configure and maintain your server, store or not store logs, define a policy for data collection and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.